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First Big production for STSElisabeth

Project scope

Elisabeth, the musical, tells the story of Sissi, Empress of Austria. The automated scenery as well as the musical itself were hailed by the press. The automation in this large production proved that the STS Autostage2000 system is ideal for a combination of automation with flying scenery. Because of the weight of some of the scenery pieces (300 to 1800 kg/ 660 to 3960 lbs) power-flying winches as well as hydraulic jiggers were used in the automatic fly gallery.

STS used winches equipped with a continuous weight measurement and a double wind and slack rope protection. In the STS electrically powered revolve, there are five hydraulic lift tilting segments included. The 10 metre (32 feet) long bridge, which was supported on one side and came down from the side stage, had to be operated hydraulically because of the large momentum.

Operation is from a centrally positioned OptiMaster2000 desk, the forerunner of ‘The Composer’ desk, with separate screens, and two portable units that can be connected at different points. Instead of encoder wheels, joysticks are used for their high resolution and simple operation, guaranteeing a shock-free constant motion.

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